What is ALEXIS One-Click Anomaly Detection DQ-DUP

Discover the Alexis One-Click Anomaly Detection solution DQ-DUP and learn about its benefits

Alexis DQ-DUP is a Data Quality and Duplicate checker module within the Alexis solution set. 


Alexis DQ-DUP comes in two favors:

  1. 100% Unsupervised - requires no human training as compared to the second option. 
  2. Semi or Self Supervised - requires the assistance of a human data analyst to train the model dynamically with as few as just 10 to a maximum of 20 records so that the automated hyper trained module can then find duplicate across a complex data set. 


A quick compare and contrast between the two options is that:

  • 100% Unsupervised - requires no training of the automated model 
  • 100% Unsupervised - is slower across very large data sets 
  • Semi or Self Supervised - takes just 10 minutes to train on 20 records 
  • Semi or Self Supervised - is significantly faster to compute across large data sets


Both solutions produce results at 98%+ accuracy.