How do I provide data to Alexis One-Click Anomaly Detection Apps?

How do I provide data to Alexis One-Click Anomaly Detection Apps? What is the data ingestion data format?

Using Alexis App

In this knowledge base article we describe the technical approach for providing data to Alexis App. 


We know the customer use many different data bases and for that very reason we have standardized our data ingestion to consume data in CSV (Comma Separated Value file format). Especially for doing the Pilot / Proof of Concept, this is the simplest and most effective format to ingest data into Alexis App. 


Steps to prepare data for Alexis App

  1. Connect to your operational data base of your data warehouse or your big data system. 
  2. Export data that you want to be analyzed by Alexis App in a CSV format (Note: Remember to include headers, where a header is the column name). 
  3. When exporting data, remember to encapsulate strings containing comma in quotes (e.g. "Company Name, DBA Name"). 
  4. SFTP / store the CSV file onto the server where Alexis App is installed. 
  5. Typically, your Alexis App will be installed in Linux home directory under the name 'Alexis'. There will be a folder existing with the name 'data' under the 'Alexis' folder. You are required to store your CSV data file in the folder '<linux_user_home>/Alexis/data'. 
  6. To execute the Alexis Applciation on your data set, you will execute the command './ ./data/<csv_data_file_name_with_extension>' from the folder '<linux_user_home>/Alexis'.