Accessing ALEXIS One-Click Anomaly Detection Demo Apps

ALEXIS has many One-Click Anomaly Detection Demo Apps and you have have been given access to some or all of them. This support article shows how to access ALEXIS One-Click Anomaly Detection Demo.

If this is the first time that you are trying to access ALEXIS Demo Apps then you are required to create a Support Ticket requesting access, using this navigation:


After you have been informed that you have access, which will come to you via email from, you will also be informed about your "user ID". Access to ALEXIS Demo Apps is associated with the "user ID" and your corporate email account. 


Then navigate to and using your "user ID", request your password change:


You will get an email from with a password reset link. 

When setting your new password follow these password rules:

  • Maximum 8 characters 
  • Starting with alphabet 
  • Must contain a lower case and an upper case alphabet 
  • Must contain numbers
  • Limited number of special characters allowed: \ : .

If you do not follow the new password rules properly, you account access will not work with the new password. An example of a good new password is: "a\Ny:z9." with out the double quotes. 


After you have successfully set a new password, you will see the following after logging into ALEXIS Demo. 

Click on Business Use Case or ALEXIS Demo to access the "demo apps" for which you have been given access to.